About Our Services

Mother Earth Landscapes provides professional landscape design, implementation and maintenance services for virtually all site types in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Our expertise and turnkey service includes all the necessary steps required for the successful implementation of a project, spanning:

  • Initial on-site client consultation, to understand the space and your needs.

  • Conceptual plan development, including site re-visit(s) to measure the existing garden and related sections to scale, and analyse all natural and man-made characteristics of the site.

  • Conceptual plan presentation with the client, including drawings showing intended spatial layout and perspective illustrations, planning relationships, aesthetic aspects, materials, and general planting plan.

  • Full quantification and costing provided in the formal works proposal, including a detailed contract for the implementation of works.

  • Full works implementation by our team, including site preparation, carting of materials to and from the site, construction of hard landscaping elements, soil treatments, soft landscaping placement and planting, and site cleanup.

  • Walkthrough and handover meeting with the client, including a briefing regarding ongoing maintenance and care for plants.

  • Periodic professional maintenance services are available when requested.

  • As a garden is an extension of a home, interior design services are available as part of a wider landscaping project.

The cost for a design commission will vary depending on the complexity of the design, the location and the garden size.  Design fees do not include the actual hard or soft landscaping elements.  When considering how much to spend, clients should treat the garden as a financial investment and budget between 4 – 10% of the property value as a realistic investment figure.